Michael Wenn
INSIGHTS 31 March 2021 | 2 min read

Saving the world

AI can save the planet

It really is that simple. Big data won’t save the world, because it’s data.

The incredible power of using the analysis of that big data to make real time decisions, is changing the world we live in, right now. Today.

The impact of AI for the enablement of real-time decision making in industry are massive. They simply cannot be overstated.  

Consider our primary industries and their well-publicised, much debated impact on the world that we live in. The sheer volume of data that, for example, a working mine would deliver from its surface and sub surface working environments.

Drilling data, production data, exploration data, the depth, speed and temperature and environmental changes that surround excavation.

The gathering and processing of all of that information is almost too big to comprehend, it’s certainly too big for any individual or team to process at speed.

AI enables real time decision making

What if AI could do it in real time? Leaving the mine operators with a simple decision on the optimum location, time, speed and depth to drill. What if, in that processing AI, an operator could spot any sudden changes that posed a threat?

They used to call it prospecting, what if it was certain. With AI, it can be.

AI can end of world hunger.   

Precision Farming is a well-coined Ag-tech buzzword.  It’s used to describe the use of data to inform and improve decision making in agriculture.

What if precision farming was possible on a global scale? Imagine again the sheer volume of data to farm the world. From water levels in the soil, soil erosion, air temperature, wind rating, seasonal trends, pest control, imagine every crop and every yield optimised. Always. Surely farming the world is the key to feeding it?

AI can transform your business.

Now imagine that your helpdesk is overloaded with tickets, you’re staring at a

“Sea of Red” on your big screen, and your time to fix looks more like a marathon that a sprint.

Imagine that, having already thrown more bodies at the problem, that it is still the problem, now your operational expenditure is through the roof.

If there is more data than it is possible for any individual to analyse, make decisions on and resolve, then AI can be completely transformative in your business.

AI can resolve the issues before they become tickets.

AI can deliver the analysis that takes every decision from the instinctive and personal to the scientific.

Those businesses that can harness the power of AI, will enable everything from increased up-time and productivity, to remote working on a global scale.

To ensure the success of AI implementation, where the human meets the digital, is the key to unlocking the potential of a business in 2021.

AIOps may well be the difference maker for corporations in the 21st century.